Welcome to the Berkeley Democratic Caucus

Are you ready to fight for equity and inclusion for all Berkeley residents? The Berkeley Democratic Caucus was created to give YOU a voice in Berkeley’s future and to make sure our community voice counts!

What a wonderful event our Oct. 5th Endorsement Meeting turned out to be! We heard from the candidates who really care about South Berkeley: Mayoral candidates Naomi Pete, Jesse Arreguin (Kriss Worthington requested to give his votes to Jesse),  and Mike Lee; District 2 candidates Cheryl Davila and Nanci Armstrong-Temple; District 3 candidates Ben Bartlett and Al Murray; District 5 candidate Sophie Hahn; and District 6 candidate Fred Dodsworth.

The turn-out was far beyond our expectations, and it was great to see new people and give them the opportunity to mingle with the candidates in such a warm, informal setting.

The biggest surprise of all was Former Mayor Gus Newport was in the house! This was a tremendous honor for the fledgling Berkeley Democratic Caucus.